The Fatima Crusader, Issue 132 (Spring 2024)

The Fatima Crusader, Issue 132 (Spring 2024)

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The Fatima Center has increasingly been asked about the “Fake Sister Lucia” theory – the idea that sometime in or before 1967, the real Sister Lucia was replaced by an impostor.

This special issue of The Fatima Crusader focuses on this question. It is uniquely presented with seven chapters followed by two additional articles, covering the following topics:

  • Evidence Emerges
  • Father Gruner Responds
  • Peter Chojnowski and Sister Lucy Truth
  • What the Evidence Does (and Does Not) Demonstrate
  • Sister Lucia Was Alive and Well
  • Churchmen Do Not Want You to Know the Full Fatima Message
  • “Don’t Get Sidetracked”
  • A Prophetic Interview with Sister Lucia (with Father Fuentes on Dec. 26, 1957)
  • My Foray Into the Controversy (by The Fatima Center’s Content Director)

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